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its not just a blog
Friday. 6.11.10 11:15 pm
it pain me to say this but after a really long struggle, i decided to move to wordpress.

it's not a easy decision to make and i thought it over for really long, but after checking the wordpress features (esp photo uploads + blog from iphone application etc) i would think it's more convenient and practical for me to shift there. another reason is also due to my fading interest in blogging. i wish to find it back on the new blog.

this is not just a blog to me. it's a record my life since 2004, im now 26!

its really hard but im moving on...

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taking the chill pill
Sunday. 5.16.10 1:13 pm
it's been a good week after the 2 weeks break.

will upload my japan trip photos soon.

met up with the girls at ion to chill...




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Wednesday. 4.21.10 4:32 am

fuck my life.

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am i part of an experiment?
Thursday. 4.8.10 10:14 pm
i dont know why great opportunities always come to me when i am the least prepared

and i get stuck into situations whereby i have to choose between taking chances and risking what i have now to staying at where i am, be safe and be contented.

of course the higher risk, the greater the rewards but...do i want it? can i even pull it off?

*pull hair*

i am starting to believe i might be a specimen in an alien experiment where they (the aliens) are doing real human testing to see our reactions in different impossible situations so they can make improvements their own race. they are probably scribbling observation notes on their flipcharts right now and planning what test they gonna run on me next time. (how abt losing all your money in japan)

thats not totally remotely impossible right?

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the unofficial return
Tuesday. 4.6.10 8:31 am
this is the loooooooooooooooooooooogest break ever (last entry read 3rd feb)

For the last 2 months...

I have been working and studying hard like mad!

I have went back to the basics. no shopping, no dinners, no movies, no parties, except for the short 3 days bangkok trip with sis.

I have nearly lost touch with (you name it)

I have missed so many SS crew outings

I have wasted my health away sleeping only a few hrs per day for some weeks

BUT all of this is gonna end soon this april 2010
3 weeks more to my last paper. 4 weeks more to my japan trip (which gonna turn me into a begger after im back but wth i heard beggers are in)

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drawing for the dummies
Tuesday. 3.2.10 12:38 pm
a diagram i drew to HDB to appeal for my dad's summon

(the lorry is my dad)

as u can see here, i cant draw for nuts.

lets just pray my drawing skills won't hinder my dad's chance of getting his penalty waive.

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somewhere i never travelled
Thursday. 2.25.10 1:12 am
Inside every soul, there is a journey of his own…


an indie taiwan movie, its title inspired by e.e. cummings poem

website: http://www.myjourney.com.tw/
english: http://www.myjourney.com.tw/english.html


i'll be still searching for mine

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Monday. 2.1.10 5:44 am

How to suck at Facebook

wanted to post it on fb but that would be too mean.

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